At My Work Local, our Privacy Policy is simple. The only way we make money is by providing a useful service to our users. We will never sell your information or give it away.

Business and Freelancer Privacy

For Businesses and Freelancers, information posted is viewable to the public. This is by design so our paying members can be found and contacted by people that would like to use your services.

Client Privacy

With our Client membership, typically used by homeowners, we keep their information hidden. The only people that can see a clients posted information, are members with a Business or Freelancer account. This allows out client members to post jobs that can be viewed by our Freelancers and Businesses. The public cannot view the details of our clients. This is in order to keep spammers and scammers from harassing our clients.

My Work Local Privacy Objectives

My Work Local strives to be free of spam, scams, and unwanted advertisements. Our mission is to be a reliable platform for Freelancers and Businesses to connect with anyone that needs work done.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this policy, please:

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