About My Work Local

Connect with amazing people for employment, opportunity, and information.

My Work Local is a platform that allows members to post jobs and allow freelancers and businesses to compete for the work. Individual freelancers can post information about themselves in the Freelancer Directory. The Freelancer Directory can be searched by location and category to find the right freelancer. Businesses can advertise their business in the Business Directory, which is also searchable by location and category. Both Freelancers and Businesses can post Job Listings, Classifieds, and How To. Client membership is free and allows access to posting jobs.

Our site was created to provide a reliable, easy to use platform for individuals and businesses to post information about themselves, promote their skills, and help provide opportunities for success.  This is a great place for anyone that just needs a little work or would like to build a business. 

We are providing a platform to connect workers with jobs.  We have learned from the COVID pandemic, natural disasters, and times of unemployment, that sometimes you need a backup plan.  During difficult times, people are forced out of work, leaving them to try to figure out how to pay their bills and put food on the table.  People that can utilize their skills and find alternative work, are more easily able to provide for their families.  It’s always good to have a backup plan, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. 

Our memberships make it possible for members to find out more about each other before they decide to enter into a work agreement.  Work experience and reviews make it easier to determine if a worker is the right fit for your specific job.

The fees charged by My Work Local help us pay for the servers and speed, to give you a reliable experience. We do not receive income from displaying ads on our website. We would like our users to generate the useful content that everyone is looking for, and not require you to sift through ads to find what you need. In the long term, My Work Local would like to be able to assist the members our communities with education, entrepreneurship, and business opportunities. We will need funding to make this possible, and the benefits to our communities will be well worth the investment.


The founder of My Work Local believes in hard work, dedication, and self reliability. Everyone is capable of greatness. Those that are willing to work hard and are dedicated, will be able to achieve their goals. Everyone has some kind of talent, or many talents, that can improve their lives and the lives of others. And with these talents, comes opportunity. My Work Local was created to connect talented people with employers. These employers could be businesses, fellow freelancers, or any individual, such as homeowners, that need the services the talented people can offer.

Be your backup plan. Take control of your future. Use My Work Local to achieve your goals.

My Work Local