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Marin Taylor

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Your local neighborhood-friendly Tailor

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We’re a second-generation family-owned business that opened its doors in June 2006 and has been serving West L.A. and surrounding local communities ever since. We have built our business model by partnering with seasoned tailors who have mastered their craftmanship within the Fashion, Entertainment, and Business industries. We work with the best so you can look your best!

We don’t cut corners! Every article of clothing is treated as a name-brand custom garment and given ample amounts of attention to custom fit your physique. We’re a young, energetic, and talented group that understands both traditional and modern fashion trends. This is what sets us apart from your typical cleaners & alteration businesses. We understand that our bodies come in different shapes and sizes. So we treat our customers and their fashion visions with care and respect. We listen to your alteration needs and offer our artisan expert guidance in achieving that unique look that sets you apart from off-the-rack fashion sizes.

Our mission at Marin Tailor is to create high-quality custom-fitted clothing that's designed to your exact body shape and size, with sincerity, originality, and pride.

Did you know?
A good tailor is not just a craftsman who fixes your suits and dresses. A seasoned tailor does custom work on T-shirts, Joggers, PJ’s, Shorts, Swim Trunks, Sweaters, Hoodies, Jerseys, and more. Customers are often shy about what articles of clothing are made for tailoring or simply unaware of how to ask. The truth is almost all articles of clothing are tailor-ready. So don’t be shy and just ask!

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10925 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Marin Taylor

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